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1. Our packaging shouldn't cost us the earth, that’s why all of our takeaway packaging is 100% compostable and biodegradable. Our pledge to remove all single-use plastics from our supply chain means that we won’t be contributing to the overfilling of landfills.​​ Our carton water bottles are not only made from renewable and sustainable materials and are fully recyclable but arrive with us flat-packed meaning we can minimise the number of deliveries required (see point 7.). They're also manufactured with a larger spout and screw cap making it easy to re-fill and reduces single use.


2. All of our coffee beans are sourced from bird-friendly suppliers. This means that the beans are grown in shaded-areas allowing for a multitude of benefits; the birds’ habitat isn’t destroyed and the trees can continue to respire by taking carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere and releasing oxygen.


3. On the same note, we also ensure our coffee beans are sourced from fair-trade suppliers meaning fair prices are paid to producers with improved social standards, allowing us to play our part in making a positive impact in the world.


4. We try our best to optimise and reduce our waste by putting our by-products to good use. One aspect of this is our ‘Grounds For Growth’ scheme where customers are able to take our used coffee grounds as a natural fertiliser to help gardens and plants to flourish.  


5. When we renovate new and existing cafés we now look to source reclaimed fixtures, fittings and in some cases equipment we may have already procured for another of our cafés. The most recent example of this was the launch of The Waterside Café at The Regent's Park where our counters were created using reclaimed wood and counter tops.

6. We work closely with our suppliers in condensing the number of deliveries required to each of our Cafés by distributing as many product lines into a single delivery. 


7. We're hyper aware of our carbon footprint and the impact we have on the planet. By taking the steps listed above, along with other initiatives and operational activities we make every prudent and practical endeavour to reduce our effect environment. 


Sustainability is at the heart of what, how and why we do everything we do.



Community is important to us too, we’re deeply embedded in several communities across the UK, from our Park Life Cafés situated in some of the country’s most beautiful parks and greens spaces and our Life Cafés found in several sports and leisure complexes.  

1. A handful of our Cafés have additional function rooms that are available for the public to hire. We’ve hosted all kinds of events from birthday parties, to charity fundraisers and everything in between.


2. Some of our Cafés also have soft play areas allowing for the little ones to play and make memories while parents are able to have that all important catch up with friends and family.


3. Certain communities and areas of the country also have regional delicacies which we try our best to cater for by including them on our menus.

4. When we conceptualise and craft our menus we endeavour to source and collaborate with local suppliers, some of which we’ve built strong and unique relationships with. For example, in one of our Cafés a local baker not only bakes a delicious range of fresh bread but also delivers it via bicycle.    

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